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After almost three decades, Christian Okoye Foundation is finally going to Nigeria, where above described services for children in our Objective is badly needed. In Nigeria, there are no youth league of any sport, inter school sports have completely diminished from the days of Christian Okoye. In June of 2017, The Christian Okoye Foundation will kick off the first Youth Sports Program in Nigeria, dedicated to developing young athletes in three different sports; Soccer, the number one sport in Nigeria and the world, Baseball, a completely new sport, and Football (Gridiron), to accomplish these goals. Altogether, we will be starting with a little over 200 kids, 70 kids, in each sport. Expanding to two more cities in 2018. Lagos (biggest city in Nigeria) and Abuja (The capital of Nigeria)

SOCCER: The soccer part of this program will start the first part of June, Soccer is the easiest to start because it’s the main stay in Nigeria. We will start with kids ages 12 to 15 years old. And older kids ages 16 to 18 years old. Coaches for these two categories are already in place and ready to start. 200 is a small because it’s easier to add more kids than to reduce the number of kids, interest in our program is extremely high.

FOOTBALL: The second part of our program is Football (gridiron). I am planning to take a number of friends, former players and maybe some current players to Nigeria, to help teach the kids the most basic things about football. We will start with no pads or helmets for a while, just to let them get used to the schemes first. We will also teach them flag football, where we feel they will get the most fun on this segment of the program.

BASEBALL: Lastly; we are organizing literatures and videos about baseball to help the kids understand the basics. In September, we plan to invite some baseball coaches to work with the kids, to get them started to play the game. The Christian Okoye Foundation goal is to make Baseball fun for the kids to play, almost as much as they enjoy soccer.

The Christian Okoye Foundation has raised and continue to raise money for this year round program. If your company can support this program with equipment’s, such as shoes, balls, practice and competition jerseys are badly needed.

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