Education. Ideas. Sports. The primary mission of the Christian Okoye Foundation is to capture the passion children have for sports, and direct that energy to enhance their educational and personal goals. The Foundation draws at-risk and underprivileged youth by hosting free athletic clinics, where well-known professional athletes coach the kids. Once at the Foundation's events, the kids are given unparalleled training in sports and, importantly, are encouraged to develop business and entrepreneurial skills by the Foundation's corporate sponsors. The Foundation's decision to use athletics as a vehicle for exposing the kids to the business world gave rise to the Foundation's motto, “Education, Ideas and Sports.”

Even as a young boy growing up in his native Nigeria, Christian recognized the importance that sports would play in defining his future. Ever grateful for the opportunities that athletics afforded him, Christian works to motivate at-risk youth to define and achieve their goals by emphasizing the importance of drive and commitment. Through his Foundation, the “Nigerian Nightmare” uses sports to help kids understand the importance of education, community, focus and drive. Christian also instructs the kids on health issues, including drug abuse, proper nutrition and exercise. On average now, the Christian Okoye Foundation touches the lives of 500 kids each year.

The Christian Okoye Foundation events offer young men and women the opportunity to develop and refine the essential skills in their respective areas of interests. Each event offers a structured, well-supervised atmosphere where kids are led through sessions of drills, demonstrations and discussions on all aspects of sports and business. The Foundation stresses the importance of sportsmanship and a positive attitude in sports, in business, and in life. It is Christian's personal goal that each child leave his events as a better athlete and, more importantly, a better person.