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I am one of those people who pay close attention to what is going on in our society today. I look at what is going on today in Ferguson Missouri, Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice. These are three very bad incidents that have created conversations in America, if not around the world. I encourage you to read through this before you agree or disagree with me. The only way to understand any situation is by not taking sides.

First; Let’s talk about Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice because they are closely related in terms of the two being athletes and African Americans. Already there is the stereo types.  If I was in the position to dish out punishments to the two NFL players. I will make sure it is a fare punishment, not as a result of public outcry. They are both domestic violence; they will get the same punishment with time away from the game, and money out their pockets. I will make sure they complete some kind of education. After they finish, they can be considered back with their respective teams. We read about politicians who do terrible things, and still they get re-elected in the United States Congress with no one protesting. My thinking is in no way shape or form condoning the actions of these two athletes. But nothing in life should surprise anyone, we are all humans with flaws, we make plenty of mistakes, this will not be the last time this kind of thing will happen, it happens Across The Board, in all professions.

In Ferguson; the incident there is racially motivated, many black people treat white people different than they treat black people, the same with white people treating blacks differently than they treat their fellow white people. We treat people from other races different in many ways. Of course not all the time; many times you have seen or heard two friends, one black and the other white get along all their lives, but when something goes wrong, they start calling each other racially degrading names. RACISM IS IN ALL OF US! Some greater than the others. And we all handle our racist behaviors differently. Some people are more aware of it and often choose not to let their emotions overcome them, in such a way of causing pain and discomfort to others. The authority position is the most common area where racism is prevalent, not all,  just very few. Sometimes it in our behaviors or who we are; some people think about things before acting, while some act first then try to make amends. If it was a different Caucasian police officer in Ferguson than Officer Wilson, we probably will not be talking about this incident today, the situation could have been different.
I am disturbed to see many idiots take advantage of the demonstration by stealing innocent peoples goods in stores and destroying properties. That is no demonstration. Those people should be punished properly when arrested, especially if they are out of town (Ferguson) demonstrators. Their actions take away the attention from demonstrations. There has to be a way those kind of people can be taken out of peaceful demonstrations. I clearly support the decision to bring in National Guard. Their presence is not to stop peaceful demonstration, but to guard against hooligans who destroy and steal properties of innocent people.

Lastly; it used to be Democrats against Republicans, they compromised most of the time in the past on issues. But lately nothing is getting done in the  Federal level. Could it be because; when Barak Obama was elected, one congressman went on Television and announced that he and his partners will do everything in their power to see that nothing proposed by President Obama will be approved in the congress. That statement set the stage for the setback we have seen in the last 6 years.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I am an American, I see this great country, the best in the world by far, at a standstill, while many others are surging ahead. We all should take a good look at ourselves and stop pointing fingers where it doesn’t belong.

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